CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser | Moisturizing Non-Foaming Face Wash with Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramides and Glycerin | Fragrance Free Paraben Free | 16 Fluid Ounce

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Item FormLotion
Skin TypeDry
ScentFragrance Free
Material FeatureNon Comedogenic

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  • This product is non-sealed
  • [ GENTLE FACE CLEANSER ] Daily face wash with hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and glycerin to help hydrate skin without stripping moisture. Removes face makeup, dirt, and excess oil, provides 24-hour hydration and leaves a moisturized, non-greasy feel.
  • [ NON-FOAMING CLEANSER ] Moisturizing face wash with a lotion-like consistency feels smooth as it cleanses, even on sensitive, dry skin. Fragrance-free, paraben-free, non-comedogenic and non-drying. Certified by the National Eczema Association
  • [ MULTI-USE SKIN CARE ] Skin Cleanser for face and/or body and can be used as a hand wash. Suitable for daily cleansing morning (AM) and night (PM) for normal to dry skin.
  • [ 3 ESSENTIAL CERAMIDES ] Ceramides are found naturally in the skin and make up 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier. All CeraVe products, formulated with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II)to help maintain the skin’s natural barrier.
  • [ DEVELOPED WITH DERMATOLOGISTS & #1 DERMATOLOGIST RECOMMENDED SKINCARE BRAND ] CeraVe Skincare is developed with dermatologists and has products suitable for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, acne-prone, and more.

From the manufacturer

Hydrating Cleanser
Hydrating Cleanser
ceraveHydrating CleanserHydrating CleanserHydrating Cleansesr
Non-Foaming CleanserThis rich, hydrating cleanser has a lotion-like consistency. It gently cleanses and removes dirt and oil without leaving skin feeling tight or dry.How to UseWet skin with lukewarm water. Massage Hydrating Cleanser into skin in a gentle, circular motion. Rinse.Suitable for use on the face, body, even hands.Suitable for Normal to Dry Skin TypesAll CeraVe products are developed with dermatologists.Hydrating Facial Cleanser is formulated without fragrance & paraben and is non-comedogenic & accepted by National Eczema Association. It is suitable for normal to dry skin types.Hyaluronic Acid and CeramidesCeramides are naturally found in your skin and play a vital role in helping your skin protect you. They help fill in the gaps between your skin cells so your skin can seal in moisture and seal out impurities.Hyaluronic Acid helps retain skin’s natural moisture.
Hydrating Facial CleanserHydrating Cream-to-Foam CleanserFoaming Facial CleanserHydrating Foaming Oil CleanserAcne Foaming Cream Cleanser 4% BPOAcne Control Cleanser
Skin TypeNormal to Very Dry SkinNormal to Dry SkinNormal to Oily SkinDry to Very Dry SkinAcne-prone SkinAcne-prone Skin
Key IngredientsCeramides 1, 3, 6-II; Hyaluronic Acid; NiacinamideCeramides 1, 3, 6-II; Amino Acids Complex, Hyaluronic AcidCeramides 1, 3, 6-II; Hyaluronic AcidCeramides 1, 3, 6-II, Squalane Oil, Triglyceride, Hyaluronic Acid​4% Benzoyl Peroxide, Ceramides 1, 3, 6-II, Hyaluronic Acid, and NiacinamideSalicylic Acid; Ceramides 1, 3, 6-II; Hectorite Clay, Niacinamide
BenefitsCleanses, hydrates and helps restore the protective skin barrierCleanses, hydrates, and removes makeup without disrupting the skin’s protective barrierCleanses, hydrates and helps restore the protective skin barrier. Foaming textureCleanses, removes makeup and helps maintain skin’s natural barrierCleanses, treats active breakouts, and maintains the skin’s barrier.Reduces blackheads, helps prevent new breakouts, improves the look of pores
TextureNon-Foaming, creamy textureCream-to-foam textureFoaming gel textureOil-to-foam textureCream-to-foam textureLightly foaming gel texture

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Product Description

Developed with dermatologists, CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is a unique formula that cleanses, hydrates and helps restore the protective skin barrier with three essential ceramides (1, 3, 6-II). The formula also contains hyaluronic acid to help retain skin’s natural moisture. This hydrating facial cleanser was designed to cleanse and refresh the skin without over-stripping it or leaving it feeling tight and dry.

•Gentle, non-irritating
•Accepted by National Eczema Association
•Suitable for normal to dry skin

Key Ingredients:
MVE Technology: This patented delivery system continually releases moisturizing ingredients for 24-hour hydration
Ceramides: Essential for healthy skin, ceramides help restore and maintain the skin’s natural barrier
Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient attracts hydration to the skin’s surface and helps the skin retain moisture

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